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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Michelle Aguilar

Grace Sight #24 is Michelle Aguilar. 

Michelle Aguilar is from Dallas, Texas. Michelle had a weight problem because she turned to food after her parents got divorced. She joined The Biggest Loser competition in Season 6 with her mother Renee (who she hadn't spoken to in 6 years). Michelle credits God for helping her stay in the competition when she was tempted to be the first person in The Biggest Loser history to voluntary leave the show. She stayed and would go on to narrowly become the winner of The Biggest Loser competition in Season 6 (Fall, 2008), losing 110 pounds.

Her website says, "Michelle credits her faith in God for her ability to emerge a stronger woman, forever changed by the circumstances of her life, but not defined by them (Source)." The following is a video created with Michelle Aguilar as part of the I Am Second  series in the Spring of 2009.

Family: Michelle's husband is Micah and the couple was married in 2009.

Book: In 2011, Michelle Aguilar published her book called Becoming Fearless.  You may purchase a Kindle version of the book at Amazon.com. Here is a trailer of the book.

Michele Aguilar was a featured speaker on the Women of Faith Tour in 2010. She advocates for charitable causes, including the American Heart Association.

Social Media:  You can follow Michelle Aguilar's Facebook Page to learn about her through social media.

Special thanks to Michelle Aguilar for being a Grace Light. She is an inspiration to others needing to renew their Christian faith and can relate especially to those who struggle with weight problems and the divorce of one's parents. You can find out more about Michelle Aguilar at her website at www.michelleaguilar.me.


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