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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jonathan Edwards' Resolutions

Grace Sight #21 is Jonathan Edwards' Resolutions.

On New Year's Eve we often think of resolutions. When Yahoo News wrote an article on the History of New Year's Resolutions, they highlighted Jonathan Edwards resolutions as part of that history.

The Christian minister Jonathan Edwards wrote his famous resolutions between 1722-1723. Even though they were written in the language of almost 300 years ago, there genuine reliance on God's grace is worthy of consideration as we make any plans for our life. Here is a reading of all 70 of them with the corresponding words written out. If you would like to see them all written out together visit this link.

Maybe this year instead of writing a quick list of resolutions we should listen to this piece of Christian history and take a year to thoughtfully write them like Edwards did. 

Photo: The photo in this post is in the public domain because of its age.

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