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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Freddy Vest

Grace Sight #27 is Freddy Vest.

Freddy Vest is a calf roper from Pilot Point, Texas. On July 28, 2008, Freddy was calf roping in Graham, Texas and he had a cardiac arrest and fell of his horse. Friends administered CPR for 45 minutes while an ambulance came and his heart had to be restarted twice as medical personnel pursued treatment for him. When Freddy miraculously regained consciousness he shared the testimony of having been with His Lord in the time after he had the heart attack when he was seemingly dead to the world.

Here is a video of Freddy Vest's testimony of his experience.

Freddy Vest said this about his experience:
There's a Bible verse that says, "Absent from the body is present with the Lord." And when I fell of that horse, I was dead before I hit the ground. I was with the Lord. And He didn't allow me to see what heaven was like, but he let me experience what it felt like to be in heaven. He showed me the love that's there. And there's more love than you can imagine. And the peace that you have, it's a perfect peace. The only thing I can relate it to is when I was four years old I'd be out playing real hard all day and just be exhausted when I would come in. And I'd crawl up in my mother's lap and she would cradle me and hold me and rock me. And that was the most peaceful, safe, loving place. And that feeling if--you could multiply it times a thousand, you still wouldn't be close to what it really feels like when you're there with the Lord (Source).
Freddy Vest's testimony is a reminder that the Christian life doesn't end at death, but it is just beginning.